Hi today I'm gonna talk about Berlin, because with the europeans we was a week with to our penfriends.  We visited a lot of things in Berlin and we had a lot of times to but what we wanted. We went to a lot of castle . One of my faourite was the Castle of Cecilienhoff. I think that german people have strange meal habits: they can eat meals like sausage or ice cream at any time in a day!

  One of my favourite monuments we saw is the “Berliner Mauer” we could see the East Side Gallery, it's what he stay of the Wall ; it's beautiful because a lot of artists came here to paint or to draw work of art.


lundi 20 mai 2013 22:38

My work experience

  I wrote a covering letter to an architect. Later, I went to his company and he accepted to take me on three days for my work experience. Before the work experience began, I expected to develop my skills, my personnality with other people.

  During my work experience, I observed people working and I read a lot of magazines about architecture. My day began at 9.00 am and finished at 6.30 pm so it was quite long.

  I think they will take more trainees because they liked explaining their activities to young people woh want to be architect later. I developed new skills like to be a good team player and have a good relationships with people who work whe me.

  I liked going to a house under construction and I think this work experience changed my vision of working life. I'm more determined to work to have a good job later and to be happy.



lundi 20 mai 2013 22:27

My work experience in a nursery school.

Today, I'm going to talk about my work experience in a nursery school.

On the morning I was with the most little children, so I read it some books, I helped kids to do puzzles ...           When they played in the game room I was with us.

On the afternoon when the little slept, I went with the oldiest and so I draw with theim and they gave me their drawing.

This work experience was very good for me because after I want be paediatrician and now I know that this job is for me because I saw that I love children.

I hope for you that your work experience was also super.                                                                                                    

See you soon                                                                                                                                                                           Antoine 

lundi 01 avril 2013 16:35

Sherlock Holmes

Blog de antoinehugodnl :Antoinehugo, Sherlock Holmes

Hello it's my review of the piece with "la compagnie d'Oz".

Bye, see you soon


mercredi 13 février 2013 13:33

Christmas and my dear cat

It's snowing, the Christmas tree is sparkling

On the decorations, my cat's jumping.

With my friends, on video games, I'm playing

On my bed, elongated, my cat is sleeping.

In my bed, dead-tired, Iam sleeping.

All the night, after mice, my cat's running .

On my desk, my poem, I'm writing

With my pencils, my cat is playing.

Oh ! My God ! The Chritmas tree is falling

The tinsel garlands my cat is eating !


samedi 02 février 2013 15:29


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